2004/07/19 Sear 0.5.0 Released by: simon
Sear 0.5.0 has just been released. This most important feature of this release is the Mercator integration for server generated terrain. Other features include: Sear is available in a source package from the ftp site; ftp://ftp.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/clients/sear There is also a Win32 setup available at; ftp://ftp.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/clients/sear/windows Windows users may also obtain Sear via WFUT. See http://white.worldforge.org/downloads/WFUT for details. Fedora Core 1 & 2 RPMS are available at http://white.worldforge.org/downloads/yum OS-X Packages, which should work on 10.3, 10.2 and possibly even 10.1, are available here . Note these are still experimental, and feedback is appreciated. Performance should be tolerable on machines with newer Radeon or GeForce chipset, but some older iBooks and G4 towers may not be playable. Debian packages will hopefully be available shortly. Please check the website at http://www.worldforge.org/dev/eng/clients/sear for instructions, especially the quick start guide at http://www.worldforge.org/dev/eng/clients/sear/quickstart

Some Sear screenshots: