2004/05/07 WorldForge Weekly News by: alriddoch

This is the WorldForge Weekly News for the week ending Friday the 7th May, based on what I have been working on, activity I have seen on irc, and commits to cvs.

I spent the earlier part of the work working on issues relating to the new Atlas-C++ development series, in Eris, cyphesis and Atlas-C++ itself. Work is progressing well. Issues with wire-compatibility with older code have largely been resolved, and some major inefficiencies in the protocol implementation have been worked out. Most of this work was in conjunction with James.

More recently I have been working on cyphesis. A bunch of changes have gone in, many to improve usability of the server with a view to releasing in time for LinuxTag. cyphesis is now much better at reporting fatal errors, much more responsive under heavy load and contains better diagnostics.

James has done loads of work on the new Eris this week, ironing out a number of major issues. Eris is now able to support most of the required OOG operations required to get a client connected and logged into a server.

Serious planning has now begun for LinuxTag, and simon has set the ball rolling with some excellent work on a Knoppix CD image which will allow users to get a WorldForge client up and running from a boot-able CD. We should have an excellent array of demo hardware available at the expo, and are starting to plan what game-play features to focus on. Look out for a mail in the near future about tasks required for LinuxTag. Volunteers are needed.

munin has been refining the maths for his path-finding algorithm, to be used to generate natural looking roads across the terrain. Should be close to the stage where it can be implemented in Mercator.

nikal has been working on lsystem based code for generating tree meshes. Some really good early results, but we are still working on determining the best way to integrate this with the rest of the project.

Screen shots

Sear using the new Mercator based terrain engine:

[Sear screen shot showing terrain and a bunch of pigs]

Sear showing off the new sky dome, with the pigs and sty in the foreground:

[Sear screen shot showing sky, pig sty and pigs]

Sear showing Damien's new chicken model, in a flock:

[Sear screen shot showing a flock of chickens]