2004/04/09 WorldForge Weekly News by: alriddoch

This is the WorldForge Weekly News for the week ending Friday the 9th of April, based on what I have been working on, activity I have seen on irc, and commits to cvs.

Lots and lots to report since the last WWN. James and I spent the 21st to the 28th of March at the Game Developers Conference, where we spent as much time as we could cram into the schedule hacking, and preparing demos. The weekend of the 27th and the 28th was the MUD Dev conference, where we both presented talks on our work with WorldForge. Both talks were well received, and stimulated vigorous discussions between the other delegates.

I put a major effort into getting the rendering performance improved in apogee, mostly achieved by simplifying the geometry, and reducing the size and depth of textures. Many improvement made to the ui in equator, mostly new features in an effort to get it ready for demos. Made some good progress on reloading textures and display lists in apogee if this is required when the window is resized.

James has been making progress with the updated Eris code, including new tests which verify its behaviour. With any luck we will be able to migrate clients to this new version soon. He has also been doing lots of work behind the scenes on indri, and Aglanor is now looking at working on rules for indri, which should allow us to start using the server in anger quite soon.

Simon has added support for Mercator terrain into sear, which is already looking pretty good. I then added joystick support to sear, ready for demoing at LUDEX on the 20th and 21st of April.

Ron has been busy as ever on uclient. Lots of bug fixes all over the place.

zzorn has been working on the map and terrain system for his gamesystem, and has done some work on buildings. zzorn also posted a screen shot of some new clothing textures, though I have not yet had a chance to ask him about it.

My focus for the next couple of weeks will be on building a playable demo for LUDEX, based on sear and cyphesis-C++. If uclient could be used to connect to the same game that would be great.

Screen shots

A shot of Mercator terrain in sear:

[Shot of terrain in sear]

Media Spotting

An article on MUD-dev conference, posted on gamasutra (free reg. required).

Genecys Open Source MMORPG project, 0.2 released this week. Its screenshots feature Doug Walsh's paladin model, and munin's male builder.