2004/02/14 UClient 0.16.0 by: rsteinke

Fellow WorldForgers (WorldForgians? WorldForgistas?),

UClient 0.16.0 (code name 'Lazarus') has just been released. Tarballs have been sent to the ftp site, and various packages and binary builds should follow over the next few days. This release marks the end of a major refactoring of the UClient code base (or, at least, close enough to the end that the code can be understood without spending a few months digging through it first).

The overall architecture is much more stable and flexible, but there remain many bugs in the codebase, both in UClient and the wftk widget library. One of my hopes for this release is that it will motivate people track down and perhaps even fix these issues.

Yours in patching, Ron Steinke