2003/10/11 Kitten 0.0.2 released by: zzorn

The first public alpha release of Kitten - The Landscape Rendering Engine

Kitten is an experimental Java based client and real-time landscape rendering engine. It is intended as a testbed for procedural landscape generation and rendering. For the moment network code and user input will take a lower priority compared to generation and rendering of terrain, forests, plants, cities, buildings, and so on.

Kitten is being developed by Hans Häggström (zzorn at iki dot fi) as a part of his thesis work.

The current features in version 0.0.2 consist of randomly generated trees, a skybox, a ground plane, and simple movement.

Screenshot: purple.worldforge.org/~zzorn/screenshots/kitten_18_gaussian_jungle.jpg

Kitten is available on the WorldForge ftp site at ftp.worldforge.org/pub/worldforge/clients/kitten/kitten-0.0.2.zip The sources are kept in worldforge CVS in the forge/clients/kitten/ directory

Important! Addition to the readme.txt in the above zip:

The GL4Java library requires separate installation at the moment, so that it can install native libraries that access OpenGL. It has an installer that can be downloaded from: www.jausoft.com/products/gl4java/gl4java_install.html