2003/07/19 Panthera 0.0.1 - First development release by: zzorn

The first development version of Panthera has been released. This is a CVS only release. Panthera is located in forge/servers/panthera on cvs.worldforge.org. The CVS tag is panthera_0-0-1.

Panthera is an experimental, next genertion, Java based game server.

A generic game development framework will be split off to a separate library at some point. The default client will be called Kitten, and will be based on the same game framework.

This initial release has the basic architectiure and package structure in place. In addition, some of the low level services such as task management, entity management, and logging have some initial implementations.

When started, Panthera starts up all services, shows an empty window, and closes down again, displaying a log trace of the execution in the console.