2003/04/15 Recent Tidbits by: bear

The Rules Team held a meeting this past weekend to go over the status of past items and to map out future work - talk to zzorn or aglanor if your interested or just stop by #rules and say Hi!

Lots of work by the developers in getting some of the core libs ready for pkgconfig and building on OS/X and maybe even Win32 ;) - alriddoch, james, kingnato and others are spear-heading this effort.

wftk is being whipped into shape by rsteinke - he has an impressive list of widgets and is gearing up for some janus action. See him if you like to get jiggy with widgets and have some free time.

I'm sure I am forgetting many things as this was just a quick dump from the top of my fur-covered noggin - let me know if I missed your project.