2003/07/07 Project Status by: bear

What follows is a summary of activity within WorldForge:

LinuxTag - nowhere and alriddoch continue preparations for the WorldForge booth

Media - zzorn, munin, rtsan and others are making great progress with many 3d media items

Clients - simon has updated sear to work with some of the new models and Aglanor is busy sprucing up dime. There have been sightings of a map editor for Valor's End and also activity for the Thousand Parsec team.

Servers - alriddoch continues his work on apogee and equator to make use of the latest changes to the Mercator library and James is almost ready to take the wraps off of his indri project

Libs - munin has done some amazing work with a new algorithm for mercator to model water flow

Tools - zzorn is really making gaudi shine and rtsan has done some great initial work with the new entityForge

I have definitely missed some items but that just means people should send me Project Status Reports ;)