Submission Guidelines

Quick Summary:

Licensing: GPL+FDL (Artist retains their copyright)

Music: Midi is generally preferred as music source files but XM/IT for source media is fine too (please stream the results to an OGG file so we can easily use your media in our games)

CVS Commits: Everyone has their own "collections". We'll talk about this later when you have some goodies for us to upload. :-)

Here's a list of some pieces which I would consider suitable for in game music (not necesarily for Mason tho). This is some stuff that WorldForge Artists have created in the past.

I imagine the music will be pretty game specific although a certain level of genericness is possible and possibly even desired for possible reuse. After you read up on our next game Mason feel free to let your imagination run wild tho.

Mason reading: (Just the "Introduction" paragraph)

Follow any of the links that interest you. :-)

The two above links should give you a good idea of what we're shooting for in Mason. If you have any questions feel free to shoot an email to media at