This section of the website is no longer maintained, and much of its contents is almost certainly out of date.


Welcome to the Music Section!

Here you will find the home of all things musical in WorldForge. If you haven't done so already you should read the Artist's Orientation [TODO] to WorldForge and the WorldForge Newbie Guide so you won't ask any silly questions later. ;-) If after reading those two documents and you're looking for particulars on how to create music that WorldForge can use you should check out our Music Documentation [TODO] area. There you will find all manner of information which should get you started creating music. If you're serious about joining the project you should definitely join the media and probably the general mailing lists. There you can keep up with project goings on and get assistance if you need it. There's almost always someone hanging out on our IRC server at irc.worldforge.org and its a great resource if you're looking for immediate feedback or assistance with getting started. You can join #lounge to meet the WorldForge gang and you'll find people interested in all forms of media including music on the #media channel.

Audio Whitepaper

DragonM's audio white paper evaluating various audio formats. Discuss on the media mailing list.

The music we have

The individual music files may be found in CVS under music/. Anyone who wants to submit music should read the Submission Guidelines.

Getting more music

Well, the first step would be to make more use out of our existing music. I've used some of Oliver Matla's midis in Frost; they are very good candidates for conversion to xm. An even better step would be to use actual instruments instead of synthesizers for reproducing of the music we have in note (midi/mod) form.

Next, of course, is the encouragement and cultivation of WorldForge composers. We have a few; they just need more feedback and publicity. Musicians love to get a pat on back or a well-targeted criticism. Musicians hate to be ignored or criticized by illiterates. Everyone needs to have a couple pieces by our resident composers.

Searching out and licensing other music is fine, but we've had some bad experiences with this in the past. Be very careful if you do.

Finally, near and dear to my heart would be to use more expired (read: classical) music. It's free and out of copyright, you just need a unencumbered performance in some format. If movies reuse the classics, why don't we?

Music Repository

Music will need to be placed in the media repository whenever it gets running, but I don't know anything about that.