3D Media

Welcome to the 3D Media Section!

In this area you will find information regarding the creation of 3D meshes, textures, animation, photorealistic scenes and even movies. If you haven't done so already you should read the Artist's Orientation {TODO} to WorldForge and the Getting Started Guide. If after reading those two documents and you're looking for particulars on how to create WorldForge art you should check out our 3D Documentation Area which is full of tutorials and soon some documentation for 3d media creation. The Documentation area is full of tutorials, WorldForge conventions and just about anything else you would need to begin creating 3D art that can be used by our project.

If you're serious about joining the project you should definitely join the media and probably the general mailing lists. There you can keep up with project goings on and get assistance if you need it. There's almost always someone hanging outon our IRC server at irc.worldforge.org and its a great resource if you're looking for immediate feedback or assistance. You can join #lounge to meet everyone in the WorldForge gang and you'll find people interested in media at #media.

Please note that we're working on this section of the web site so everything might not be working correctly. We're working hard to correct this problem so please bear with us during this time of transition. Also please note that there is a pre-alpha version of our Media repository at http://www.worldforge.org/media where we will be housing all of the media we create. When browsing the repository please note that the media currently in the repository is only a very small fraction of the media we've created over the years.