Tutorial Links

Here you'll find links that instruct you on the acutal process of creating art or game media


The Basics of Designing and Creating Low Polygon Models by Chad Walker - Very good intro to low poly modelling techniques

Animating the Run Cycle by Jason Zirpolo - A very good start to learning character animation

The Power of the High Pass Filter by Peter Hajba - Nice texturing tutorial on how to take digital photos and make them into tileable textures w/o tiling artifacts in realtime 3d engines.



Game Audio Resource Guide May 2001 - Some pearls of wisdom.

Free and easy sound effects ideas - Advice on sfx creation.

Sound Effect Creation page 1 and page 2 - How to create interesting sfx with every day items.

Using Bitmaps for Automatic Generation of Large-Scale Terrain Models by Kai Martin - "Kai Martin introduces a bit-map based technique that helps automatically generates terrain, while still giving artists and world builders control over the details."

Level Design

Level Design Links Here!

Inspirational Links

Here you'll find links which will inspire your creative process. This includes reference photos, studies and other sites which will get your creative juices flowing.


ArchitectureAsia.com - A site containg a wealth of information about architecture in general and specifically asian architecture. Of particular interest is the Asian Historical Architecture area.

THAIS.IT - A site about architecture history, with lots of photos. In italian, but easily navigable though.


Chasing the Sunset


GPU Texture Memory Calculator - Roughly calculate texture memory requirements for a game based on Q3, Half Life and Tribe 2 engines.