Media Todo List

Nothing fancy here just stuff that needs to get done.


See Game related media for a status overview of what is needed to get Mason out the door.

Simple Item Creation

We need basic tools and building materials modeled for Mason. We'll need meshes which are suitable for realtime use as well as for photorealistic rendering (used in 2D clients). Its advised you create two meshes (one low poly and one ultra high poly for realistic renderings by 2D clients) and two sets of textures (one for realtime the other for photorealism). To find out what kinda of goodies we need modeled simply send an email to our media mailing list [media AT].

Mason Concept Art

We need concept artwork for the humans that reside in Moraf (where Mason occurs). We'll also need landscape concept artwork for the various landscapes (the Glitterdark Forest for example) in which Mason occurs. If you're interested in either one of these tasks please read the two links below and post a rough sketch (so we can catch any obvious problems early and avoid wasted time and effort) to media AT

Mason Intro (Just the Introduction paragraph)

General Tasks

New Uclient Theme Needed

Uclient needs a theme that is appropriate to our next game Mason.

Idea: Theme based on hardwoods and/or chiseled rock. I have done a lot of documentating on how to theme Uclient. You can find uclient theme documentation here. Some widgets require an exact size so if you take on this project we'll probably want to talk together a little bit before you start.

If I've forgotten anything please let me know.

Media Documentation

We need to write tons more docs for our media section. We especially and immediately need docs for our 2d & 3d media sections as those are the areas where we'll be producing art immediately. Things like documenting the isometric perspective that we use, tile widths (70x36), lighting direction, etc all need to be spelled out. Also for the 3D section, more detailed poly count limit info (research required)

Drawing or Photorealistic rendering picture for Music Section

An appropriate scene for the front page of the Music section of the web site.

Idea: A dimly lit by the warm glow of a fireplace with a person highlighted by the light playing a musical instrument (guitar or perhaps behind a piano).

Drawing or Photorealistic rendering picture for SoundFX Section

An appropriate scene for the front page of the SoundFX section of the web site.

Idea: Something that looks loud... Perhaps an F-16 flying out of an explosion. Something like that...