WorldForge Media Team Status Report

Hi all, it's time for a new media status report! In the first installment for the year, we present our recent accomplishments, things we are working on and things that you could do to help us. As a bonus, there is also the Do It Yourself Mushroom - Fun For The Whole Family!

Current Media Repository Highlights

We have an animated pig model, a dog model with a few animations, a male human with a few clothes and a simple walking animation.

There are zombie, skeleton, squirrel and a simple pig texture for quadrupeds (pigs, dogs, donkeys, and similar models) (Models by Garg, Munin, Chiennoir, and Nogard, textures by Zzorn, Munin, and Nowhere ).

We also have a partial set of building element models and parts of the stone texture set for building elements (element models by Munin and Zzorn, stone textures by Zzorn, straw texture by Munin). A wooden texture set for building elements has also been started by Pato.

On the tools side we have partial textures for settler tools and an axe using them (the screenshot below shows the axe with the tool template texture and with the settler tool texture.) The model is by Munin; template and settler tool textures by Zzorn.

There is also a fir tree (model by Munin, textures by zzorn), some simple under-vegetation and a collection of mushrooms. A MATLAB prototype of a terrain generation algortithm developed by Munin was used to create some VRML scenes using these models:

We also have some new background music for Acorn created by Nogard:


Template System

We use a texture mapping system where similar models are all texture mapped to match the same template texture. Actual textures for this set of models are then created based on the template texture.

Due to the template system, all four footed animal models can use the same textures. Other templates that we have are building elements, tool, head, mushroom and a leaf template (for ferns etc.)

Use of templates speeds up the media development as textures can be reused or easily modified and modifier textures (such as wound overlays) can be applied to all models using the template. It also avoids the time needed to design a new texture mapping for each model.

See the mushroom chapter below for an example of templates in practice.

Things Under Work

Moving Models into Clients

We are currently in the process of getting the pig and a dog model with a few animations into Sear - after which it will be easy to make sprites for uclient.

Malebuilder, our generic male human, walks around happily and has a few alternative clothes and head meshes/textures. More meshes and textures are welcome.

Doug's knight model from Valor's End is being ported by Munin to work with Cal3D in Sear.

There is also a fir tree ready for a 3D client (cal3D with swaying and chopping animations), some simple under-vegetation and a collection of mushrooms, a boulder and a heap/anthill mesh using a tiling ground texture.

Here are some screenshots from the Sear client (developed by Simon - Munin has been working on importing the models as cal3D files.) As you can see, multiplication based multiple texture mixing works.

New player models

Chiennoir is working on a female human character model. We hope to fit her to the existing malebuilder skeleton so that the animations can be shared. Concept art is also being created for orc models by SherwoodSpirit, Magnethead, Munin, Nowhere and others.

The goal is to support at least alternate head meshes for players. The malebuilder model has two human heads and here is the result of a recent macabre experiment involving an undead dog:


The all-purpose artistic genius Nogard is working on a donkey. The model is finished and the animation and texture are underway. A mane area was added to the quadruped template to facilitate use by the donkey/horse models. Here is a screenshot of the donkey wearing a squirrel texture:

Media Repository Reorganization

Recently we finished the design for a new media CVS repository structure and we are currently reorganizing the various CVS modules that contain media into the new structure that should provide a clearer structure to work with.

New Creature Templates

First drafts of insect and tubular templates (by Zzorn) were recently added to CVS.

The insect template is for various insectoid creatures: six legs, head, midsection, hind section, wings, antennae, etc. It can also be used for spiders, and perhaps scorpions/crabs, by reusing the legs.

The tubular template is very versatile; it suits tube like creatures with a possibly segmented body, but it can also be used for aquatic creatures with fins and/or tentacles. So it covers various worms, snakes, centipedes, fish, whales, squids and so on.

Motion capture

We may get some motion captures (mocap) done around Easter with professional motion capture equipment courtesy of Dekarl. Suggestions for additions to the list of motions to be captured are welcome.

Here is a very scary view of an unsuccessful mocap import experiment...

<sfb> OH MY GOD

Things To Do

Quadruped Textures

We are in need of some generic quadruped textures. In addition to the undead quadruped textures, we have a nice squirrel texture and a simple pig texture. We need some good textures that could work with dogs and wolves as well as a realistic pig texture.

Building Element Texture

We also need a set of building element textures for buildings made using half timber walls and thatched roofs as well as ones made from rough timber logs.


On the models side we need sheep, ptarmingan, rats, rabbits, deer and perhaps eagles, owls, hedgehogs, hammers, saws, knives and possibly some other tools. We will also need some items of furniture and various vegetation. Some simple models to start with could be hewn stone blocks, timber logs and boards used as raw materials for building.


On the music side we need some fitting music for different races, places and situations in Mason. Preferably the music should be mod based (e.g. ".xm") and use a common instrument library to minimize downloads, but we won't say no to OGG (or MP3) music. Building up a high quality GPL and GFDL licensed instrument library is a challenge - so that is also an important task.

Sound Effects

As for sound effects, we have some pig sounds and other item sounds, but we could use some sounds for the donkey, dog and squirrel. Environment sounds like wind, rain and storms could also be useful. Some tool sounds like sawing are also needed.


Contact the media team before starting on any big projects if possible. This way we can coordinate and check that it has not been already done and help with advice if needed.

Fun for the whole family: The Do It Yourself Mushroom

A simple project for a starting media artist could be to design their own mushroom.

You can create either a new texture, a new model or both.

As long as the textures follow the mushroom template texture, and the mushroom template texture is used to do the texture mapping for the model, we can combine any mushroom model with any mushroom texture.

Here's a link to the template texture to use:

Here are two examples of mushroom textures:

To preview a texture, just make sure you have a VRML viewer installed (the media people in #media can help with this if need be.) Name the texture mushroom.png and save one of the .wrl files below to the same directory as the texture, then open the .wrl file.


Here are some previews of different texture/model combinations:
(Textures by Alien and Zzorn, models by Nowhere, Munin, and Zzorn)

Let your imagination fly free!

Contacting the Media Team

The WorldForge Media team can be contacted through the mailing list
and through our irc channel #media at
Our website area at offers documentation, tutorials and other resources.

New members are always welcome. No exceptional artistic talent is required.
We are in it for the fun! :-)


Summary written by Hans Häggström (zzorn) on 2003-03-26,
with help and input from Bear, Munin, Nowhere and other people in #media.