Open 3D Model Format

Open 3D Model Format is a specification for a free, open and extensible format for the interchange of 3D models.

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Open 3D Model Format Specification

Intended benefits
  • Provide an unique media format for media content creators.
  • Reduce the number of exporters needed
  • Increase the shared resource pool of free media content, being able to use it on all free engines.

IFF (Interchange File Format) description.
Maya File Formats.
Renderman format.
X File Format reference
XML design

W3C XML Schema Design Patterns: Avoiding Complexity
Architectural Design Patterns for XML Documents
XML Schemas: Best Practices

Development Status
Importer Exporter
Blender Meshes Meshes
Cal3d Pending Complete
Ogre Meshes Pending
3ds Pending Pending