Human textures: a call for help..

As work continues on the different elements of WorldForge, the need rises to populate the different games with player and non-player characters. Most of these characters are humans / humanoids. The media-team is currently busy modeling characters, but one problem at least I have stumbled upon is the lack of textures, especially for faces/heads.

Most other textures can easily be created by less skilled artists. However, for face-textures, the required accuracy in details is so high, that it can only be achieved by very skilled artists, or by using digital/scanned pictures. Personally, I believe the latter is the easiest way to get the required amount of textures. This means that we need people to allow their picture to be taken, modified into textures and uploaded as open-source media. I believe the best place to find people willing to do this is right here, in WorldForge.

What do we need?

We need pictures of heads. Per head we need: Front-view, Left and/or Right, and preferably also rear-view. Resolution: minimum 600 x 400 pixels, fill as much as possible of the image with the head. Good ambient lighting without too many shadows is preferable, the 3d engine will add shadows later.. The face should not be obscured by non-skin elements like glasses, protruding piercings and big earrings should be removed. These can better be modeled in 3d later :-).   Cousin IT style hair is problem, but a beard can give a lot of detail to a character.  


What will we do with the pictures?

We will combine the pictures, creating spherical textures, which we can then apply to the 3d models.

Paladin Texture

Applied to a 3d model texture like this will not look very much like the person on the original photos unless special care is taken to model the face geometry like said person. This is not the plan. Furthermore details can be modified to make resemblance even smaller.

The plan:

If you are/have a willing victim subject, please contact me (, then well deal with the upload from there. It is possible to arrange viewing of finished textures before release

Future ideas: 

Currently the texture mapping of each face depends on the facial texture, which will be used. This does not promote texture interchangeability. An obvious solution to this problem is to create a set of WorldForge standard texture-templates. New textures can then be warped to fit the template, while all new models can be UVW mapped to view any template-class texture correctly. Warping an image means distorting the image, so that facial features like eyes, nose, mouth and ears are positioned on the same place as on the template.

Any ideas or contributions are welcome.