Media Documentation

Greetings from the media documentation area!

Within these pages you will find all manner of standards and tutorials written by WorldForge community members. If you find that some piece of documentation that you need to get started doesn't exist, or is lacking, take this as an invitation to help create the needed document! Before you start however, you might want to send an email to the media mailing list first to make sure you didn't just overlook any documents that already cover what you're looking for.

If you've come here looking for proposals you've come to the wrong place. There's actually a seperate Proposals Area for ideas which haven't yet been approved by the media team. This area is reserved for standards approved by our media team. which have already been approved by the media team. So let's take a look at the documentation!

Available Documentation

Open Source 3D Standards such as the Open Media Format specs.

Media Repository Layout and Structure

General Media Standards Guide - This document gives a basic overview of Media Practices and Standards which you will need to know before submitting artwork to WorldForge. There are links in this document to delve into the various subareas of the media (3D, 2D music, etc.) in this document.

Filenaming Tags - Discusses file naming conventions used when creating media. Be sure to read this if you want your media easily integrated into WorldForge clients.

Licensing Templates - You'll need these so you can commit your media to the Media Repository!

2D Documentation - A bunch of 2D related tutorials, links and other stuff you need to create 2D Media

3D Documentation

3D Standards - All the info you'll need to start creating 3D media for WorldForge! Note: This document is extremely rough and is a work in progress.

3D Tutorials - Tips and tricks that are sure to sharpen your 3D modeling skills.