Various 3d applications available
Name Pros Cons Unclassified Points
Blender Price: free
Extremely Cross Platform
Python Scripting
Polyline Mesh Editing
Nurbs Editing
Skeletal Animation
Subdivision Surfaces
Steep Learning Curve (Entirely different gui)
3d Studio Built-In Scripting (MaxScript?)
Polyline Mesh Editing
Nurbs Editing
Skeletal Animation
Subdivision Surfaces
Price: Huge
Windows Only (per datasheet)
Closed Source
K-3d Price: free
Free Software
Cross Platform (Win32, Linux)
Subdivision Surfaces
Macro System
Built-In Tutorial System
Clumsy User Interface
Poor Camera Control
No Skeletal Structure
(Project Abandoned by Owner)
Price: free
Free Software
Polyline Mesh Editing
Nurbs Editing
Skeletal Animation (Supposedly)
Renderman (RIB) export (needs work)
Subdivision Surfaces (Internal Smoothing)
Quake MDL import
MD2 import
AC3D export
Plugin Architecture for future exporters
Built with QT (cross platform possible)
Linux Only
Poor Animation System
Currently uses PNG screen captures for output
KPovModeler Price: free
Free Software
Linux Only
No Skeletal Structure
No Viewport Selection
No Animation Support
Hard to build from source
Depends on non-Free software
3D Canvas Price: free
Intuitive and usable user interface
Complete set of editing features
Skeleton support
Material support
Closed Source
Windows Only
Truespace Python Scripting
Polyline Mesh Editing
Nurbs Editing
Skeletal Animation
Subdivision Surfaces
Price hefty for latest versions
Closed Source
Windows only
Interface may be confusing
Animation Master Spline Modeling
Skeletal Animation
Subdivision Surfaces
Animation Patterning
Low - Cost
Soft / Rigid body Dynamics (Cloth Simulation)
3d Max Export
Global Illumination
Windows & Mac Only
Closed Source
Interface may be confusing
Strata 3d Price: Free
Import VRML Windows/Mac Versions available
unnatural interface
No Linux version
Closed Source
G-Max Price: Free Windows Only
Closed Source
Can only work with a application specific plugin, and an expensive license is required to create such a plugin
gSculpt Free Software
Very advanced high-level modelling features
Bizarre interface
Complete lack of texturing and animation support
Moray Patch [spline] and poly editing
Skeletal Animation
Material Editor
Large Object Collection
Closed Source
Windows only
No bones or animation system I could find
Front End for PovRay
Hamapatch Free
Spline Based modeller
Rotoscoping Support
Builtin POV Material Editor
Settings for MegaPOV post process features
Light and Camera Placement Support
Exports to tons of formats including POV, RIB (Renderman), MDL (Animation Master), VRML and OBJ (Wavefront)
No support for bones/IKAs
Closed Source
Windows only (does it work under wine?)
OpenFX GPLed
Polygonal editing
Mesh Smoothing
Mesh Bending and twisting
Vertice welding
Subdivision Surfaces
Bez Curves
NURBs Support (rudimentary)
keyframing animation
kinematics-based animation
Export models to DXF, VRML and 3DS
Win32 Only (works under WINE and a *nix port is planned)
Can only export models and not full scenes (as far as I can tell)
Subpar UI
Immature and therefore some features don't work as advertised or are poorly documented
Moonlight3D GPLed
Great UI
Polygonal and Spline based editing
Development has recently been restarted
Linux Only
No bones or animation system
No boolean operations
Checkered development history (development has recently resumed after a long period of inactivity)

Metasequoia Free 'LE' Version Available
Polygonal and Patch based modelling
Metaball support
Subdivision surfaces
3D Mesh Painting
Import and export to a variety of formats DXF, LWO, 3DS, COB, OBJ
SDK for creating plug-ins to extend Metasequoia's capabilities
Linux Only
'LE' Freeware Version for educational and nonprofit use only
Can't register produst in US (Japan only ATM)
No English help files (although the interface is pretty straightforward)

Scanline and Raytracing Render included(!)
"MagicalSketch" allows the creation of 3d objects using hand drawn lines
Polygonal and Bez curve modelling
Booleans supported
"Application of 10 different types of Surface Attributes (Reflection, Transparency, Bump, etc.) in conjunction with 9 varieties of Mapping Patterns (Marble, Woody, Ocean, etc.) or Image Data"
IKA's and 'Ball Joints' feature
Particles Scripting built-in for application extension
Cross Platform: Win32, MacOS 8.6+, (Linux and OSX Previews Available [full versions to follow])
Stable with relatively meager system requirements
Personal Edition doesn't include tasty radiosity or 3ds exports etc