Minimum Spec - This combination of hardware is the absolute minimum that we require to even play the game. At this level of support your game play experience probably won't be pretty but it will work minimally albeit at times with low frame rates from time to time. Artists may choose to provide media specifically for this spec although they are not required to do so. It is assumed that client and API coders will use clever means to shoehorn "Recommended Spec" media into this machine (albeit in a less attractive manner than in the Rec Spec machine).

Recommended Spec - Using this hardware you should get consistently playable frame rates and a fair amount of eye candy. This is the configuration we expect most of our gamers will have (at least). Artists would create media specifically for this range of machine and above.

Extreme Spec: This is all the latest and greatest hardware (or even hardware which has yet to be released). High frame rates and maxumim eye candy at this level.

Here are the hardware ranges Unclefluffy found it feasible to support and some scene budgets we agreed would be reasonable with the given hardware. Please note the extreme spec is pretty subjective and very much looks to the future:

Minimum Spec
GPU: G200 - Voodoo2 generation 8MB PCI
CPU: P2 w/64MB RAM
Screen Resolution: 640x480x16bpp (single texturing)
Target Frame Rate: 30fps
Poly Budget (in triangles) = 3,000tri/frame
Texture Budget: 9MBs (although only 6MBs allowed in any one scene)
Character Poly Budget: 200-300

Recommended Spec
GPU: Geforce (1) DDR/SDR - Radeon 7500 32MB cards 4xAGP
CPU: P3 or better 1GHz w/128MB RAM
Screen Resolution: 1024x768x32bpp (dual texturing)
Target Frame Rate: 60fps
Poly Budget = 30,000tri/frame
Texture Budget: 80MBs (all of this can be displayed in one scene)
Character Poly Budget: 1000 (give or take a few)

Extreme Spec
GPU: Geforce 3 - Geforce 4 4xAGP (or better)
CPU: P4 1.5GHz+ (or equiv) 256MB RAM (or higher)
Screen Resolution: 1280x1024x32bpp (quad texturing)~
Target Frame Rate: 100fps (or better)
Poly Budget = 150,000 tri/frame
Texture Budget: 100MBs+
Character Poly Budget: 1500-7000(!)