Players should be able to very finely tune the amount of graphical richness they experience in each WorldForge game. This will allow each player to tune the game to their machine's specific abilities and work around its deficiencies to achieve the best appearance that the game can have within their specific hardware. These settings should be easy for the user to adjust

Texture memory usage can be tuned by adjusting the mip level bias so that the user can very specifically choose their comprimise between performance and texture clarity. Poly counts can be tuned in the following manner. All models will have at least two meshes of the same object. These two meshes will be tuned to the Rec and Extreme Specs respectively. The artist may optionally provide a third very low poly mesh tuned for the Min spec gamer (although only Rec and Extreme meshes are required). The reason behind having multiple meshes for an object is that when the client needs to perform poly reduction on the mesh (aka mesh decimation) to obtain better FPS the client will be able to interpolate between the two meshes and lose a lot less of the artist's original intent for the mesh's geometry. If there is no min spec model available, then the software will interpolate as best as it is able, but we don't guarantee good results for this case. Allowing players to fine tune the level of eye candy will enable them to maximise their visual experience while (hopefully) not adding a signifigant amount of work for the media team in order to support this flexibility.