Registered author tags

This is a list of the registered author tags used for media files in WorldForge. See the filename tag documentation for more information about author tags.

Eventually this information is meant to be merged into the team databse of the new website. For now, search in the team database (when we get that up) for email and other information about the authors.

Feel free to add yourself here. It is recomended that you select your initials as the author tag. Three letters are prefered for new tags, to help avoid collisions in the future. You can use one letter from your first name and two letters from your surname too, if you don't have a middle initial.

Author tagNick nameName
ab Garg Alain Bertrand
bwh Bryce Bryce Harrington
dt novalis David Turner
hh zzorn Hans Häggström
jpa Khazad Juha Aalto
ta Tom Tom Austin
thc thijs Thijs Coenen
us Pegasus Uta Szymanek
oph Ophiuchus Peter Stuart
jo Pato Jason Oppel