Feature Outline

The Photo Gallery should consist of a collection of small scripts that can be run by a cron-job and also within Zope as dtml scripts.

The target language is Python.

Import Script
A script that scans multiple directories for source images controlled by three parameters for each directory: source path, inclusion pattern, target path. For each file selected create:
  • a thumbnail image
  • extract any meta data from the source image (including filename data)
  • a database entry for the image with the above as data items
Page Building Script
A script that scans the target paths and generates html pages for each image that includes the data for that image.
Note: this may be an external script or a zope dtml script - needs to be determined.
Image Notes and Comment Form
A zope dtml page that allows for comments or other information to be recorded for the image


Import Script

  1. Read in a configuration file that describes:
    • Source path to scan
    • Regex pattern of files to process
    • Target path to place the generated files
  2. For each file to be processed do:
    • See if a database entry is already present and if not generate one
    • See if a thumbnail is already present or needs updating
      Note: imagemagik should be used for this - it's sweet!
    • See if any meta data needs to be updated - this includes author, date, time, size, type and so on
    • Update the database entry and place in the output directory the thumbnail and image

Page Building Script


Image Notes and Comment Form

yea yea yea ;)