Media Team

Welcome to the Media Creation Area!

Here is where the media team breaths life into the creations of our developers. We are also here as a resource for other developers looking to create their own games who believe as we do in sharing with one another high quality media that our gamers love to interact with.

This includes creation of 3D Artwork, 2D Media, Music and Sound Effects. If you're an artist who is looking to contribute to WorldForge but don't know where to start you might want to walk through our Documentation Area. While more experienced WorldForgers will likely be interested in the Proposals Area where we list new ideas we are thinking about implementing. An assorted collection of links can be found in our Links Area where we list all kinds of more or less useful links for resources, learning and inspiration.

If you're wondering why things are the way they are around here you might peruse some of our old Media Meeting Logs (TODO) and summaries. If you're bored and are looking for something to occupy your time check out our Todo List.

More Information:
3D Artwork
2D Media
Sound Effects
Media FAQ
Document Repository
Proposals Area
Todo List