First of all, after rescheduling the meeting (and putting it at a time when the Europeans probably weren't going to show), and not seeing Dale there right away, I was pretty darn certain it was a rain-out. However, we had a couple of lurkers creep in, and a good debate started up, and Dale showed up, to boot, so all was well.

Because I wasn't expecting much of a turnout (and I worked all night the previous night, and didn't get to go home, or, well, actually think about anything but work), I didn't get an agenda done for this meeting, but I felt that the debate was positive, in the sense that it has gotten us off on a good footing for thinking critically about the systems, and how they fit into Mason, and really, what on earth they are.

One of the conclusions that we came to is that some of the systems, as they are currently defined, are WAY too complicated for our initial stab at this, and that we need to define sets of more achievable goals, for our initial development effort. The implementation folks can make good use of encapsulation, and provide a broad interface that would allow for a richer simulation later, without needing to get too complicated right off the bat. We will be outlining (or, in some cases, merely clarifying) goals for each of the systems, and classifying their relative importance, so we know what we want to bite off first, and what should be left for later.

Our group found some of the systems to be confusing, and there were a couple that we weren't even sure were "systems," per se, so we decided to take a stab at better-defining what is meant by "systems," so we can decide what gets ruled out, and what, if anything, should be added.

We generally felt that most of the systems needed better definitions. We don't have much faith in a group's ability to build something that we find ourselves staring at for half an hour, and still going, "Huh?"

Oh yeah, and I looked at Morgenes' system diagram, and lost 3 sanity points. ;)

So, that was the meeting. I have opened a bushel of RT tickets, that people are welcome to grab, even if they weren't at the meeting. Here are the ones that haven't been claimed yet: 110, 111, 112, 113, 115, 116, 117, 118, and 119. If you grab one of these, you can report your findings here, on the mailing list, or at the next meeting, or both (you should also either report them on the ticket, or provide a link to a report of some sort in the ticket).