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Meeting & discussion list

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DateTimeChannelTopicsSummaryIRC Log
Monday 2000-10-23 8:00 GMT #forge Mason background story and music discussion No Summary IRC Log
Tuesday 2000-10-24 19:00 GMT #forge Item creation and scripts / recipies No Summary IRC Log
Wednesday 2000-10-25 00:30 GMT #forge Material discussion No Summary IRC Log
Wednesday 2000-10-25 07:00 GMT #forge About generalized sticks instead of various handles and staffs, and operations on items. No Summary IRC Log
Sunday 2000-10-29 02:00 GMT #forge Short discussion about item hierarchies and properties. It was concluded that item categories will follow the inheritance hierarchy of items. Items can also have properties, such as 'edible', 'pointy' or 'edgy', that are used to determine if some operation can be done with or at the item. Items will also have bounding boxes. They can be used to determine if an item can be carved from another. No Summary IRC Log
Sunday 2000-10-29 06:00 GMT #lounge Discussion with the Moraf developer, JamGrrl. The settlers are likely self motivated but encouraged by someone in the Kings council. Some could be religious people who reject magic. The starting point for humans could be a small port at the river, where ships with outside wares set by regularily. The area could have exportable items to trade with, gold, gemstones, wool, or Glitterwine. The area is mainly unhabited except for the settlers. No Summary IRC Log
Saturday 2000-11-4 21:00 GMT #mason Mason kick-off meeting. Topics:
  1. Purpose of Mason
  2. Game description
  3. Long range plan
  4. Current status
  5. Open tasks
No Summary Yet IRC Log
Saturday 2000-11-11 17:00 GMT #mason Small Mason meeting. Topics are normal progress reports, general discussion and questions & answers. Summary IRC Logs
Saturday 2000-11-25 17:00 GMT #mason Normal Mason meeting. Topics included items, texture templates, modularization and materials. Summary IRC Logs
Tuesday 2000-12-05 02:00 GMT #lounge Discussion and ideas about what items and materials to include in Mason. (It goes on after the first page). No summary. IRC Logs
Wednesday 2000-12-07 03:00 GMT #mason Discussion about wagons, boats, cars and other platforms. Wagons are divided up in wheels, axles, platforms. On top of the platforms, a special subset of building blocks can be used to build stuff. These building blocks need 2D sprites for 8 or 16 rotation steps in the 2D client. These building blocks also include shapes that are useful for ship hulls. Mechanical nodes, such as catapults, should also be possible to attach to platforms. No summary. IRC Logs
Saturday 2000-12-09 17:00 GMT #mason Mason meeting. Topics were Items, Item operations, Background story & player goals (in particular about why not to include fighting skills), and a bit about building blocks and skills. No Summary Yet IRC Log
Thursday 2000-14-09 02:30 GMT #forge Cave discussion
Cave floors need to work in a similar way to normal ground. Caves could be modeled by 'hollow' layers with absolute ground height layers and ceiling layers. Various stone and soil layers can be used for the ground. A layer can have an absolute floor or ceiling height, or it can be tied to the underlying layers. Water could be modeled as layers too. Caves and landscape could be created with iterative algorithms before the game start on a coarse scale, and the fine detail created on the fly by fractal algorithms.
No summary. IRC Log
Saturday 2001-01-27 17:00 GMT #mason Mason meeting. No summary yet. IRC Log
Friday 2001-03-16 20:00 GMT #forge Physics by containers
Discussion about container based game physics, levels of detail, and many other things.
No summary. IRC Log
Saturday 2001-03-17 00:00 GMT #mason Supporting Mason items in STAGE
Small mason meeting. Topic was: Models, MICS, CD, STAGE. What is the minimum infrastructure we will need to manage Mason Items in STAGE?

The conclusion was that the Proteus system should be able to handle it, and no redesign is necessary.

A bit of general explanation and discussion about the Mason item, building and mechanical systems also took place, as well as description of the Proteus system.

No summary. IRC Log
Thursday 2001-11-01 8:30 EST #mason Mason Conceptual Systems Team: First Meeting
Lots of debate. Topic was: Mason Conceptual Systems, and what we have to do with them. We had a lively debate regarding the Mason Conceptual Systems, and got started looking at goals.
Summary No log.