Definitions for the Mason project. Includes definitions used in all the different Mason systems.

Term Definition
Mason Body System
MBS Short for the Mason Body System. A subsystem used to simulate the bodies of characters and animals.
Body The physical body of an animal or character.
Organ System An organ system is a collection of organs distributed inside the body. Each organ system has a specific set of well defined task and functions it performs to maintain homeostasis in the body. The individual organs are not simulated separately, instead each organ system is represented by one code object, that simulates the organ system in question.
Mason Mechanical System
MMS Short for Mason Mechanical System. It is not specific for Mason, but that is where it is first going to be implemented.
Node An instance of a node type in the game. Some nodes look like boxes or have other shapes, other nodes can be contained inside building blocks.
Mechanical Node See Node.
Node Type A certain class of nodes, with unique properties and functions. Each actual node in the game is of some particlular node type.
Node Category A category of node types that have similar functions or purposes. This is just a way to organize the node types, the category boundaries are not sharp.
Connection An invisible energy, matter or information connection that connects two ports, allowing energy, matter on information to flow in one or both directions.
Port A named 'socket' on a node type, for recieving or transmitting energy, matter or information to/from a connection. A node can have many ports.
Technology Level A Technology Level describes a specific set of materials and techniques used to implement nodes. Each node is of some specific technology level. The technology level affects the nodes appearance and properties. Not all node types have to be possible to construct in every technology level.
Energy Source Node that produces energy from a natural energy source, some fuel or some other way. This is a Node Category.
Sensor Node that reacts to certain input by sending energy signals or information objetcs. This is a Node Category.
Effector Node that executes some physical action in the game world. This is a Node Category.
Processor Node that manipulates energy. This is a Node Category.
Node Container Node that contains a number of smaller node types. This is a Node Category.
Transport node Node that moves items or substances (liquids, gases, pastes, powders, particles, etc). This is a Node Category.
Manipulator node Node that does operations on items and substances. This is a Node Category.
Computer node Node that stores and manipulates information objects. Executes programs. Connects to networks. Provides agent platforms. Manages access and account information (in-game). Provides information and services to client computers and terminals. This is a Node Category.
Terminal node Node that moves information objects between medias in the outside world (such as books, diskettes or characters mind) and information connections. This is a Node Category.
Track node Track nodes are used for general moving platforms; they allow suitable track traveler nodes to move along a track node, and to continue from one track node to adjoining track nodes. This is a Node Category.