Copyright and Licences of player created material

zzorn says, in #forge 2000-12-10 03:00 GMT:

Should information objects that the players can create and edit have automatic and unforgable version and author lists?

This would ensure that the original author gets credit for any tunes, paintings, texts & other stuff s/he created, regardless of who edited it after that.

It would also follow the GFDL requirements sort of nicely, in case people would like to publish things under that license in-game.

Speaking of which, what license should material that players create in-game, or in-character fall under? We will have lots of that in WF. Can we automatically assume it is under GFDL, with the original author as the copyright holder? Or should in-game pictures, notes & stuff have copyright notices? (erk)

And what happens when someone wants to stay anonymous, or submitts classical or other material? Maybe anonymous authors would be allowed too.