Standing on board the small boat going northeast, you try to think of the new life you will soon live ...

You were barely scratching out a living as a stablehand in New Creche, but with the offer of Borderwood land by King Donald, you have shed the layman's life and are now bobbing gently towards a new home. The King has promised every new settler of Borderwood enough tools, supplies and land to start a new existence.

As the horses pull the boat around another turn in the river, the dark and gloomy forest gives way to a large clearing on the eastern shore. The air is thick with the scent of fresh-cut timber, the acrid sting of smoke, and the musky aroma of tilled earth. The other settlers begin to chatter and murmur excitedly amongst themselves. This will be your new home, Borderwood, and a place to call your own.

The boat settles to a rest near the shore and people begin unloading. One of the guards that stood watch on the boat walks over to a lightly stockaded tent standing in the middle of the clearing. Another man appears from inside the tent and follows the guard back to the boat.

"Welcome to Borderwood!" booms the man from the tent. "I am Bonn Dunedin, acting governor, as appointed by our great King Donald. You must be our newest citizens, and you arrive with the King's blessing! Everyone, come over to the large central tent to register for a parcel of land."

With a clap of his hands, the governor turns and marches quickly back to the tent. The other settlers follow a few paces back, so you decide to tag along.

Lagging behind the group, you can see the longshoremen unloading the crates that were guarded by the soldiers. In front of the tent, the settlers have formed a line, still chattering excitedly. One after another they vanish into the tent, emerging out of it a bit later carrying a box of tools, and wearing happy looks.

Finally, it's your turn, and you enter the tent. A bespectacled clerk sits at a table and casts an inquiring look at you.

"Name, Place of Birth?" he demands.

Feeling a bit intimidated by his hard stare, you mumble the answer. Behind the clerk, the governor beams at you.

"Please sign here" the clerk slides over a sheet of parchment.

Horrified, you stare at the clerk. They had never told you that you had to be able to write! Realizing the problem, the clerk grabs your hand, spills some ink on your thumb and makes an imprint at the bottom of the parchment.

"Congratulations, Settler!" the governor bellows, as a man dressed in hunter's clothes enters and hands you a box of tools.

"You can now choose an area, fifty paces by fifty paces, where you can settle."

Gazing at your new belongings, you quickly leave the tent and start looking for a nice place to build your house.

Mason is located in the northwestern corner of Moraf , surrounded by the feared GlitterDark forest on the east side, and the outernmost hills ruled by the Orc Tribes of Sarnak on the western side.

Mason Technology

This section presents the features that are planned for the Mason Game.

TODO: Summarize the features, from a players point of view.

Building Houses

This document describes house building, mainly from the players point of view.

Concept Illustrations of House Building

Some screenshots from a quake map editor that demonstrates how houses could be created from a set of basic building blocks.