This is the tasklist for bluemason. All tasks should be atomic, and once completed, allow integration into the game. No order is specified, we'll use the stuff as soon as it's done.
Status should be blank for new tasks, Taken when the person accepts it and Done when it's done.




AI Scripting

Squirrels should bolt to the next tree when scared.
Taken Kai
Deer should run more than 10m when scared.
Taken Kai

Media & Concept Art

Concept art showing a small, monkey-like creature with a barky skin
Taken Kai
Concept art showing the Mournmist Graveyard, a spooky old forgotten graveyard in the woods


Goblin Texture
Create an humanoid texture for the goblin: green and dirty.
Done jayr
Kobold Texture
Create an humanoid texture for the kobold: dark brown, dirty.
Done jayr
Treesprite Texture
Create an humanoid texture for the treesprite.
Devil Wolf Texture
Create a quadruped_v2 texture for the devil wolf: black fur and red eyes, as menacing as possible.


Mine entrance
A building that resembles a mine entrance.
The back of it will be stuck in the side of the mountain (just as foundations are stuck into the ground) to give the sensation that it enters the mountain, so its back should extend a bit longer.
Taken jayr
Mine Cart
A cart for aesthetic purposes only. It will be static and for visual appeal
Done jayr
Mining Pick
A tool to be used on the mine entrance to obtain ore.
Tombstone - round
A round tombstone.
Taken Aglanor
Tombstone - rectangular
A rectangular tombstone.
Taken Aglanor
Tombstone - symbol
A tombstone with the shape of a weird religious symbol.
Taken Aglanor
A mausoleum the size of a small house, which is the entrance to a crypt.
The lich lives here.
Done ChienNoir
Columns to be scattered around the graveyard.
Done ChienNoir
A grate model for the graveyard.
Taken Aglanor