WorldForge Developer Orientation

Your Place in Our Brave New World...

The man who goes alone can start today; but he who travels with another must wait till that other is ready. - Henry David Thoreau

Now that you have a good idea of the general development areas of WorldForge, let's start getting into the details about what games we're making here! While anyone can start a game based on WorldForge technology (in fact we encourage it!) we do have a logical progression of games that will enable us to create ever increasingly complex tools and games. Building a structure around which ordinary mortals can build the game of their dream is no mean task; however we are dogged and determined! Sounds like fun, eh? ;-) We think so, but there is a lot of work to be done and we hope you're willing to lend a hand.

Stage 1 - Build A Solid Foundation *Accomplished*

Acorn - Acorn is a fun loving game where you play the role of a swine herder trying to make a living in the peaceful village of Agrilan. Your goal is to fatten up your little piggies faster than anyone else while protecting your portly little piggies from the dangers that lurk within the forests surrounding Agrilan. Acorn is WorldForge's first 'real' game and is a proof of technology demo that will help us bootstrap up to more ambitious projects like Mason, The Sands of Syllus and eventually Belchfire. Cyphesis will serve as both the core and AI server for this project. Below you'll see a picture of a game of Acorn being played with our 2D isometric client, Uclient.

Acorn Screenshot
"I will give you 10 pence for that fine looking piggie but not a farthing more mind you!"

Stage 2 - Raise the Structure *Currently In Development*

Mason - Mason will be a game of whoozits, whatzits and thing-a-majigs that our imaginative players will be able to combine to construct marvelous new inventions and grand structures. Mason is a game for and by tinkerers, inventors and those who generally like to experiment and put stuff together. In this game players work together (and against one another) to construct ever more ambitious tools, buildings, and structures. Mason's handling of recipes, crafting, and invention aims to be far in advance of anything that's available in the current crop of commercial games. Mason will allow WorldForge to refine crafting skills, player-based inventions (yes you can invent new gadgets :-), an economic model, and collision detection. This will be the first game that features our media server, from which clients will be able to automatically download the latest game media. This is also the first game to use Stage as its primary server as will all other subsequent WorldForge games (although Cyphesis will still be used for AI purposes). If all this talk about whirring gadgets has gotten you curious then you should take a look at the Mason Home Page and read the "Introduction" section as well as the background story for Mason.

Complex Machine
Complex Machine by Hans Häggström
"Now where did I put those blueprints?!"

Stage 3 - Install The Plumbing and Wiring *Planning*

Sands of Syllus - A sand-scoured game of survival in the desert region of Dural known as Syllus. Sands of Syllus will be an open-ended persistent-world game. Each player controls the leader of a nomadic tribe that lives in the Dunes of Syllus region of Dural. Natural resources are scarce in this region, and widely distributed. It is therefore difficult to survive and prosper in one place; the tribes have to travel and trade in order to get the resources they need. Major themes are the search for food, water, and tradeable goods. Tribes can advance by growing in numbers, monopolising resources, gaining strong weapons and ancient knowledge, and learning useful skills.

A Night In The Desert
A Night In The Desert by Hans Häggström
"Stillness falls on the burning sands of Syllus, yet not all things sleep.
For some the impenetrable silence means a time to hunt... and feed..."

Stage 4 - Put On The Finishing Touches *Planning*

Belchfire - Belchfire (a working title) will occur in Dural and its storyline will be based on Dural's history and player driven events from earlier games! When Belchfire is complete it will be comparable to exisiting MMORPG efforts [Everquest/Asheron's Call] and in many ways surpass them. Belchfire will feature a persistent plot-driven virtual world with centralized game server(s), management / administrative clients, a distributed world/character management environment via a network of trusted servers, skill-based rule system with flexible character design abilities [Circe], emphasis on roleplaying and problem solving over combat, a media rich, detailed and believably realistic game world, multi-client support (2D & 3D) and sophisticated and highly interactive NPC AIs. Belchfire will also sport an easily customizable game world via scripting language(s). Whew, that sounds like a lot of work. You'd better get busy! ;-)

Warf Area
Wharf Area by Tom Austin
"To endure is greater than to dare;
to tire out hostile fortune;
to be daunted by no difficulty;
to keep heart when all have lost it -- who can say this is not greatness?"
-William Makepeace Thackeray

Ok! So you know about the various games that we're developing and you know some of the general areas of the project and now you're chomping at the bit to contribute. Well, in the next session you'll get the a much more detailed breakdown of development efforts within WorldForge.

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