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The Heart of WorldForge...

So now I have hopefully piqued your interest, and you have some fuzzy notion about what WorldForge is doing and the general areas of WorldForge development effort. Where do you go from here?

We're going into a bit more detail about each section of WorldForge and give you the low down about what kind of skills are needed in each area. Keep in mind that this is by no means an exhaustive list; only the things I'm able to come up with. While you're reading over the various pages, if you find an area that is of particular interest to you, click on the "Details" link. It will take you to a newbie guide or beginners tutorial for the area of interest (if one is available). If there is no "Details" link, take that as an invitation to ask around the mailing lists or on IRC and write a newbie guide for the offending area. ;-) Many other newbies are sure to appreciate your efforts!

The Funky Robot by Alain Bertrand
The Funky Robot by Alain Bertand

"I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be." - Douglas Adams

[Coding (C++ / Python), Software Engineering, Code Review/Auditing, Documentation]

indri - Indri basically is everything that was learned by the team during work on STAGE. It will have simple, easily modifable game and rule code, which new developers can pick up quickly, experiment with, and produce some new entity or behaviour in our worlds in a few hours or an evening.

Cyphesis - Cyphesis is the AI server for WorldForge. Cyphesis aims to achieve 'live' virtual worlds using goal-driven entities and ALife techniques. Low level parts of Cyphesis are written in C++, while higher level functions are mostly in Python with a little C++ included just for fun. ;-) Details

[Coding (C++), Software Engineering, UI Design, UI Artwork & Sound FX, Code Review/Auditing, Documentation]

UClient - UClient is a 2D isometric WorldForge game client (DISCONTINUED) that uses libuta, SDL, and libAtlas-C++. The primary target platforms are GNU/Linux and Win32 (using the MING32 cross-compiler).

Sear - Sear is a 3D client written in C++, utilizing SDL, OpenGL and Cal3d. It currently runs under Linux, Mac and Windows (through cross-compiling) and will connect to the Cyphesis and Stage servers. Sear is currently under development.

Ember - Ember is a 3D client using Ogre it runs on Linux, Windows and Mac and will connect to the Cyphesis servers.

[Coding (C++), Code Review/Auditing, Documentation]

Atlas - Atlas is WorldForge's communications protocol and is used to serialise and transmit objects. It is an object-oriented protocol for communications between processes. These processes may be on the same machine, or machines hundreds of miles apart. The protocol can use all manner of media to transmit information, including files, streams and possibly even shared memory in the future. Details

Worlds Team
[Creative Writing, Map Making / Drawing Skills, Concept Artwork, Character Sketches]

Dural - A diverse realm full of history and wonder. This is the land where all WorldForge games occur in. There are numerous countries, cities, and wondrous places that need developers attention. All you need to get involved here is an active imagination and a thirsty quill!

[Roleplayers, GMs, Creative Writers, Play Tester]

Circe - (pronounced sir-see) is a skill-based (levelless) gaming system designed for medieval fantasy game worlds where magic is powerful but rare. This system is intended to realistically model life as an adventurer in a medieval world in which monsters and magic really do exist, and gods do look down from the heavens. Details

[Server Admin, Web Developers, Tool Makers (CGI scripting, Zope Afficianados etc.), Creative Writing]

Website - Maintenance of our website along with the development of scripts and other various web-based tools such as Zope!

CVS - Maintaining the apparatus which holds the keys to our code base is indeed an important task! Help maintain user accounts and administrate permissions for various modules. Always wanted to be a sysadmin but lacked the opportunity? Well here's you chance!

Media Team
[Artists (sketching, inks), 2D Graphics (Gimp, Photoshop, PSP Users), 3D Artists, Musicians, Sound Engineers]

Sketch & Ink Artwork - WorldForge needs talented artists to inspire both our gamers and developers to new heights! WorldForge will require lots of concept art, character sketches and even art for our website!

2D Artists - GIMP, Photoshop, and Paintshop Pro users: here's your big chance to have your work viewed by potentially thousands of admirers! Character art (both conceptual art and in game art) along with texture generation are the primary efforts in this area. Details

3D Artists - Boy do we ever need 3D art! We'll need models and textures for just about anything you can imagine. High poly count models with many textures will be used for renderings in 2D clients and for CGI and low poly models for real time 3D clients! Details

Musicians - I guess the first thing you need to know is that the preferred format for submitting music is via OGG or XM/IT for all you old school trackers out there. If you're unable to submit compositions in OGG or XM/IT format then WAV or MP3 is just fine. The major thing we need right now is background music for our various games (mainly Acorn and Mason ATM). Details

Sound FX - We literally need sound effects for just about anything that you can dream up! The diversity of games that will surely spring up with demand a wide variety of sound effects. If you'd like to record something more immediately useful, however, you might want to read over some of our game descriptions above and use your imagination (if you record it they will code) on what might be needed. A method which might be more sure would be to email the media mailiing list and/or drop IRC and ask us! The preferred submission format are WAV files although any other patent free uncompressed audio file is also acceptable.

After you find an area that interests you, I would encourage you to proceed to that area's section on the WorldForge website to learn all that you can about whatever has gained your interest. Be aware that there is a limit to what you can learn from the website, as the information is never as current as the information that the developers on IRC and the mailing lists (which you should have subscribed to already). Please be courteous to the developers as we're all very busy and may or may not be able to respond to you the moment you ask a question. After monitoring the lists and possibly hanging out on IRC for a week or two, you'll be in a better position to figure out exactly what area would suit you best. If you simply can't wait to start contributing then either drop by IRC or shoot an email to the appropriate mailing list and ask what needs doing. Before you send that letter or drop by IRC please take a personal inventory about your interests / skills (which you should've already done) so we'll know how best to direct you.

Congratulations! You've progressed beyond the irritating newbie stage. ;-) Give yourself a pat on the back. You're well on your way to making a meaningful contribution to the WorldForge community! While my short walk with you through the Newbie Guide is over if you if you are still thirsting for more knowledge and are interested in becoming further enveloped in the WorldForge community, you may contine your journey by clicking below...

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