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WorldForge Developer Orientation

New Beginnings...

Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now I'll bet you're feeling very similar to way I did not so long ago... You have before you this very interesting (huge) project but you have no idea where to begin finding out about it. During the rest of this newbie guide I will open the cover of the WorldForge machine and show you its internal workings. So grab a wrench and get ready to get your hands greasy. No one ever said making a Free game engine was gonna be clean work. ;-)

I would imagine that you're now sitting there blankly with only a vaporous notion of what exactly WorldForge is. Allow me to clear this up for you...

WorldForge is hell bent on designing free tools, platforms and media that will enable people to easily create and extend their own online RPGs.

WorldForge is not one thing or piece of software, rather it is a host of components that, when complete, will contain everything people need to create their very own virtual worlds. To do this, WorldForge is currently developing clients, servers, network protocols and a cache of free media that anyone can use to realize their dreams of creating a MORPG (Multiplayer Online Role playing Game).

So why even bother with such a Herculean task and why is WorldForge necessary? We feel that so much effort has gone into reengineering basically the same (or very similar) game engines that the current crop of commercial games are scantly more than clones of one another, leaving little or no time and resources for exploring new and innovative game design or engaging plots. This is where commercial gaming companies have left the story and where WorldForge begins...

Before we properly start taking the WorldForge machine apart we need to thoroughly degrease your mind of any misconceptions that you might have. So often we hear newbies lament that they wish they could contribute to WorldForge but they can't code or do artwork and are therefore useless. The assumption that we only need coders and artists is a common but quite false misconception! WorldForge requires artists, writers, coders, game designers, web site designers, but most of all we need free and imaginative minds to help our project succeed!

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes

To the uninitiated, the vast number of WorldForge projects can seem like a jumbled mess of unrelated projects. You can, however, reduce WorldForge into six major development efforts:

  1. Servers: These are the beasts of burden who do all the backend work that allows gameplay to happen, clients to connect, and remember where you put your socks last night (in-game of course) even if you don't.
  2. Clients: WorldForge has numerous clients varying from simple text clients all the way to full blown 3D clients with 6DOF at varying levels of maturity.
  3. Protocols: Means by which WorldForge applications can communicate (our main protocol under development is Atlas)
  4. Worlds Team: Conjuring new worlds for games to exist in and the game rules which define them
  5. Rules: We all fancy ourselves Game Designers now don't we? :)
  6. Infra: Server Maintenance [www, ftp, etc.], Connectivity, Web Site Development
  7. media (old): 2D/3D Art, Music and Sound Effects creation

Each of these areas needs people who are talented in many different disciplines. Even something as seemingly straightforward as the servers area will need the talents of people from various disciplines such as: system administrators, hackers, network and software engineers, database gurus, documentation folk, security fascists, and more! Other areas will need an equally diverse bunch (if not more so). We feel confident that no matter where your interests and expertise lie there is a place at the WorldForge table where you can pull up a comfy chair and set up shop.

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