Introduction to WorldForge

Our vision is to foster an independent community, active in the development and maintainance of many unique roleplaying-oriented game worlds, with access to a rich collection of game rules and audio/visual media, a wide selection of server and client implementations, and a standard network communication protocol.

WorldForge's mission is to produce the necessary tools and technologies that will allow the creation of graphically rich games of cooperation and socialization. We strive to blur the distinction between player and maker, and wish to establish a positive community environment for current and future free game developers. Our efforts will culminate in a game, codenamed Belchfire, set in a well developed gameworld called Dural and using the Circe RPG rule system.

Our strategy is simple: Listen to what players, authors, and artists wish to do, and put the tools in their hands that makes it possible for them to realize their visions.

The WorldForge project evolved out of a desire for better internet role playing games. Where Multi-User Dungeons have had a great degree of success through the early years of the internet, games like Ultima Online have failed to build upon these successes to produce an advanced virtual world of any merit. Avinash Gupta and a collective of perhaps a dozen enthusiastic gamers began to share their vision of what a truely fantastic gaming experiance should be.

The project at this stage was called 'Altima', and you may remember our slashdot mention. At the time we had a huge amount of interest in the project, the mailing lists overflowed and the web server nearly melted. Slowly but surely a core group of developers formed, including many of the initial dozen who started the project. We lost Avinash and gained Bryce Harrington, who actively guided WorldForge until recently.

We now have a talented bunch of artists and some very bright programmers. Others are finding out that it takes a lot longer than 7 days to create a world.

In fact, anyone who wants to create a world can. WorldForge itself can be considered a 'development environment': providing facilities to anyone who wants to create their own game. As a free software project the source code for both the clients and servers are all freely availiable for modification and redistribution, as is the art we produce ourselves.

Though some may find our willingness to give away our work a little odd, remember that our goal is to have the best gaming experiences available. Commercial ventures are limited by time and funding, if it's not done on time and within budget, the companies responsible will go broke. For us it's just about having fun, and it will be done when it's done.

Since our ultimate objective is quite ambitious, we've adopted the strategy of producing a series of increasingly more sophisticated games. This allows us to "bootstrap" our way along, with frequent near-term products to spur us on and to periodically give us the ability to start from fresh sheets of paper and take advantage of lessons we learn.

If you would like to jump in and help, we would be glad to have you. We welcome suggestions on how to better present information on the project. There are a million and one jobs that need doing, including web design, documentation, brainstorming, testing, art, coding and music. Join a mailing list or hop on our IRC server for a chat.


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