About WorldForge

The WorldForge project is about building tools to allow the construction of online role-playing games. The original community came together over a decade ago, out of a desire to create a game that was better and freer than Ultima Online. But as the aims of the project evolved and became more ambitious, the overall goal changed. Instead of one game, we instead decided build a flexible framework that would allow everyone to contribute their own unique ideas and goals to the Worldforge project, allowing a multitude of games to be created.

Our core focus is the construction of a complete system with all the tools, technology, content and artwork required to build complex persistent online virtual worlds.

The system we have built is playable, but currently far from complete. Though you can connect to our servers and visit the online world of Mason, it is not yet recognisable as a game - think of it as an advanced tech demo. Try the download links on the front page to see it for yourself.

To find out more about the WorldForge project, you can try reading our Frequenty Asked Questions. For a more in depth introduction, take a look at our Introduction or our Getting Started guide.

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