The setting: A verdant meadow somewhere in the wilderness, on a peaceful summer’s morning. The sun shines benevolently down from above. A fragrant breeze stirs the grasses and the wildflowers.

Enter Rabbit, a long-eared, bushy tailed mammal. A juvenile of his species, he weighs eight pounds and has 3 hit points.

Rabbit: What a nice day. I hope that mean old eagle doesn’t come around.

Eagle (From off-stage): Kee-kee-kee-kee!

Rabbit: Oh, bother.

Enter Eagle, a bird of prey. Eagle is a mature specimen and weighs 9 lbs. He has 8 hit points.

Eagle: Ah, hah! Breakfast! I swoop upon you, rabbit!

Eagle rolls a d20. The result is 6. Eagle’s attack ability is 15. Since Hit = (attack score - d20 roll) >= Defense score, Rabbit will have to produce a defense score of 12 or greater.

Rabbit: I’m dodging out of your way, Eagle!

Rabbit has chosen to dodge. Rabbit has an excellent active defense, a DODGE of 18, and a bad passive defense, an Armor of 0. Since Defense score = Passive defense rating + Active defense rating - 4, Rabbit has a Defense Score of 14. This beats Eagle’s attack score of 11, and Rabbit hops nimbly aside.

Rabbit: I think I’d better get out of here.

Rabbit breaks from the battle at his running movement rate but may not make any attacks or defenses. Since Eagle already struck at Rabbit, Eagle cannot make an attack at this time. In the next round a pursuit takes place.

Eagle: You cannot escape me, Rabbit!

If the fleeing character’s movement is greater than the chaser he will automatically get away (though a few missile shots may be possible.) If the chaser is faster, then whatever proportion of his movement remains may be used as an attack. Since an eagle can fly at a speed of up to 80 km/h (50 mph) few creatures can outrun him.

Eagle: I swoop upon you again a second time!

Eagle rolls a 1. 15 - 1 = 14, which is equal to Rabbit’s score. The rabbit has been GRAPPLED. Since Rabbit is heavier than four pounds (half Eagle's weight), Eagle cannot lift Rabbit, and must continue combat on the ground.

Rabbit: Must... escape...

Rabbit now attempts to free himself. It requires getting a grab on the opponent. The individual then makes a wrestling check. If the delta is greater than the amount that the grabber succeeded their grab or grapple check then the grab or grapple is lost and the combatants go to a close position

Rabbit attempts a GRAB. He has a poor wrestling ability of 9. His d20 roll is 2. (9-2) = 7.

Eagle has an Armor of 3 and a Wrestling of 15. Eagle uses Wrestling as his active defense as he is trying to RESIST Rabbit’s GRAB. Eagle’s defense is (3+15)-4, or 14. Rabbit’s GRAB fails miserably.

Eagle: And now my favorite part!

Rabbit now uses his WRESTLING ability rather than his DODGE ability as his active defense. His passive defense is still an Armor of 0. Rabbit’s defense rating is now (0+9)-4 = 5.

Eagle rolls 3 on d20. Eagle’s attack ability is 15. Since (15-3)=12, much greater than 5, the maul is successful. A MAUL does crippling wrestling damage (Make a strength check; divide the success amount by 4 for the damage.) If the attacker has natural weaponry, a successful maul attack also does one additional claw or bite damage. Maintains the grab or grapple. For crippling damage, one must also compare the amount of damage done to the creature's normal hit points. If it is more than 50% of the hit points, then one of the creature's limbs is unusable, and it may be broken; the victim must make a Body Effects Resistance Check (1/2 Health + Endurance) to prevent this from happening. Besides being useless, a broken limb requires more time to heal.

Eagle’s Strength is 15. Eagle rolls d20 yet again, with a result of 7. Eagle has succeeded by 8. 8/4=2, and Rabbit suffers 2 points of damage. Rabbit is now down to 1 hit point. Since 2 is greater than 1/2 of 3, Rabbit must make the body effects resistance check. (Since Health and Endurance aren’t given on the Animal List, Rabbit is assigned the values 7 and 10 at random). Rabbit must beat a 12. He rolls a measly 6. A limb is broken.

Furthermore, Eagle is still entitled to Bite damage from the Maul attack. It is a Ripping Bite, which deals mortal damage. For MORTAL DAMAGE, compare the amount of damage done to the creature’s normal hit points. If it is more than 25% of the hit points, then a particularly grievous internal or arterial wound is suffered. Each round the character must succeed a Body Effects Resistance check or suffer an additional d6 hp damage from bleeding (internal or external) and succeed a Mind Effects Resistance check or lose a level of consciousness.

Eagle rolls d6 twice, with results of 5 and 3. 5 is used. The rabbit has been reduced far below 0 hit points and is killed.

Eagle: Breakfast is served!