The Genesis

The purpose of this snapshot is to voice my view of how the game should begin and to show a possible scenario for the early growth of a character.

Leaving the Eyrie

As a young Bald Eaglet, you've grown up very fast over the past 10 to 12 weeks and are ready to take to flight. Your parents have left you in the eyrie alone all day, and you are beginning to wonder if they are coming back. Not having eaten all day, you feel you have what it takes to go find you parents. With a nervous aggressiveness, you stand tall on the edge of the family eyrie and spread your wings. You begin to take flight like you've seen your parents to so many times. Your aviation skills are not as good as your parents, but you instinctively and quickly get the feel for it. You locate your parents in the top of a tree near the edge of a river and land next to them.

Beginning to Soar

[ status, skills, attack, and location]
HP=15/20 ( 80%) | Stamina=05/20 ( 25%) | Food=0.0/1.0 ( 0%)
Flight=02/10 ( 20%) | Vision=05/05 (100%) | Courto=00/10 ( 0%)
Ground=01/10 ( 10%) | Water=02/10 ( 20%) | Air=00/10 ( 0%)
You are in a tree overlooking a river to the east.
> fly east
You are over a river.
> look for prey
You focus on an object in the water.
> get prey
You swoop down to retrieve the prey. It was a bottle, so you drop it.
> look for prey
You focus on an object in the water.
> get prey
You swoop down to retrieve the prey. It is a small salmon which your talons easily overpower.
--Salmon: HP=3, WT=1.5, FV=1.2
Vision skill level improved to 06/06!
> fly west
You are over a riverbank with many trees.
> land in tree
You have landed.
> kill
You bite the salmon with your beak and inflict 5 points of damage. The salmon is dead.
> eat
You eat the salmon and gain 1.2 Food points.
Food increases to 1.2/1.0 (120%).
Stamina increases to 20/20 (100%).
Hit points increace to 18/20 ( 90%).


The game needs to progress from here somehow. I've yet to figure out how soon to go find a mate. From my reading I got the impression that once an eaglet leaves it's eyrie, it is on it's own; therefore, the courtship process needs to take place on the first day of the game. To my knowledge, an eagle doesn't start building an eyrie until it has a mate, so it must find a partner so it has a home to go to at night. (I suppose the eagle could sleep on the side of a cliff or something until it found a mate.)

Anyway, if you have any evidence of what really happens, please enlighten me, and go ahead and write a snapshot while you're at it.
Thanks for reading,