The Fog clears, and shaking the water from our feathers, we take to the air. The quiet expectant chicks sit their, already opening their beaks in supplication, waiting for our return with some prey for them. We weel across the sky, and then seperate, she going North, me West towards the busy hunting grounds. Climbing Higher and Higher, I idly fly across the sky, eyes scanning the ground for movement.

The Wind roars through my Tail feathers as I descend downwards. Wings Tucked in for that extra speed, I brace myself for the impact. With a flurry of movement, the baby lamb senses that something is not right and looks up, just as we collide. Beating my wings as strong as I can, I pull upwards squeezing the Talons Tight, and lift the quivering lamb off the ground. Oi Oi Oi Oi, some strange noise is coming at me across the wind. A Large animal is screaming and running towards me, whilst waving their upper limbs. Ha, Too far away, can't catch me, and with an extra snap of the wings I splay my tail feathers and soar off into the sky.

Back at the eeyrie, I break the flesh of the prey into morsel sized chunks, and share them out amongt the egrets. Mother should be back soon, I try to reassure them, but look about anxiously as mother is well and truly late.