Eyrie Island- Narrative

In the center of a vast, peaceful lake of perfect blue, an ancient volcanic isle rests. Past its mist-shrouded shores, past its viridian forests and gently rolling meadows, away from the small villages that dot the landscape here and there, high on the side of a rocky, craggy cliff, an eaglet hatches from a gold-speckled egg.

You blink your bulbous little eaglet eyes and somehow knows your life and destiny will be different from that of any other eagle on the isle. One day you leave your eyre in search of a place to build one of your own. From that day onward, life is a constant battle against starvation. You circle over valley and dell, constantly in search of prey. Rodents and reptiles flee from your very shadow. Fish retreat to the safety of the murky depths.

You glide toward a crude human settlement, perhaps to swoop down and carry off a juicy piglet. Alas, the humans have tired of the depredations of eagles. You bank sharply to dodge a volley of arrows. Have the humans no respect? You let loose a shrill "Kee!" and fold in your wings for a fast, steep dive.

Eyrie Island- Game Version

You are at your eyre. It is morning. You are hungry.
: Fly south
You are flying southward 50 feet above a forest. It is morning. You are hungry.
: Fly lower
You are flying southward 25 feet above a forest. You can see a rabbit. It is mid-morning. You are very hungry.
: Swoop on rabbit
The rabbit is unaware of your attack and suffers 8 points of damage. The rabbit is killed. You carry off the carcass of the rabbit.
: Fly higher
You are flying southward 50 feet above a human village. You can see an archer. You have a dead rabbit in your talons. It is mid-morning. You are very hungry.
: Return to eyre
You are at your eyrie. It is late morning. You are starving.
: Eat rabbit
The rabbit satisfies your hunger. It is noon. You are satiated.
: Nap