Nest Building

Probably the first thing one would do in Soar would be to build an eyrie, which would a) enhance one's status as a prospective mate and b) provide shelter from predators.

The following steps can be followed:

  1. Locate a suitable site: a tree, a cliff face, the mast of a sunken ship, etc. Once the site has been located, the eagle can then declare that to be the future site of its eyrie.
  2. Gather materials. Every terrain type should offer some sort of material, and each material should offer a unique quality. Here is a partial list:

    TerrainNative Material Notes
    Forest Sticks, vines Very strong but won't hold together well.
    Meadows Grass, twigs Weak but good for holding other things together
    Mountains Weeds, herbs May offer a health benefit. Poor strength and holding power.
    Water Reeds Average strength and holding power. Dampness may offer a health penalty.
    Villages Strings and baubles Very eye catching. Increases mate's opinion of nest. Bad strength and holding power.
  3. Combine the materials at the eyrie site.

While the eagle is in its sleep cycle, the nest should check to see whether it holds together or falls apart, whether it repels or admits predators, and whether it helps or hinders the health of the eagle / eggs / hatchlings.