The Soar Rulesystem

The rules for Soar have found an interesting place to stop. They are in need only of polish and perhaps slight adjustment to some of the numeric values.


  1. Vital Statistics
    Facts about eagles.
  2. Attributes
    The eagle as player character. Skills and attributes the eagle will use. How skills work under Circe. Circe-fied versions of sleep and food points.Modified 4/22/00.
  3. Nest Building
    The construction of an eyrie. Methods and materials.
  4. Hunting for Prey
    How much the eagle needs to eat. How the eagle hunts and captures prey. How much nutrition various animals provide. How much nutrition remains in carrion. How much nutrition the eagle may carry at one time. Anyone care to come up with a formula for the decay of carrion? Modified 4/15/00.

  5. Mating
    The courtship ritual and criteria of a prospective mate. Laying eggs. Raising eaglets. Modified 4/4/00.

Prey and other Creatures

  1. List of Animals and Statistics
    The Animal Research page has been combined with the Information page to create a more complete reference. There is now also a chart which gives numeric values for the Bad--Excellent ratings. Modified 4/20/2000.

Other pages

  1. Implementing Circe Rules
    This page is used to see how Circe can be implemented into Soar. Includes information on attacking, defense, healing, and now falls from a height.Modified 4/20/00