Goals of Soar

The first initial version will be a server- independant client. Possibilities of further versions may be to become a part of Cyphesis in some form or to be a game system like Acorn.

Yet the further versions will be decided on in the future (if there is to be any).

Short term goals for this project:

  1. Start to participate in WF and to learn the tools of WF.
  2. Give an excuse for people to learn C++.
  3. Meet others and work together.
  4. Have fun :-)

Long term goals:

  1. Provide easy C++ code for future newbies and others that want to learn it.
  2. A C++ tutorial is also beeing developed as part of the project. [--zzorn]
  3. And last, create an entertaining game.

I don't want to discourage the desire to make a more complicated version, but I would like a simple version to be used as a reference for C++ beginners. This code should be readily availible for people wanting to learn C++.

Overview of Soar

Soar will be text based and will not use a server. The game will be an eagle simulator. The objective is to have a brood of hatchlings (two) fly off on their own.


The eagle will have to find food to survive. The kinds of food will vary, some will be more dangerous to catch and catching the most dangerous ones will only be attempted when the eagle is desperate for food. During periods when the eagle is eating enough (and enough sleep?) the eagle will gain strength. (Will the eagle also increase skills? and have seperate skills - example: surprise/flying ability, attack). If the eagle goes without food, it will loose strength. Eagles often hunt with in twos (I am assuming with their mates?).

Rabbits, squirrels, and small birds are listed as common foods for Golden Eagles. I suggest that we also add snakes and young bobcats (?) to the list as the "dangerous" aspect. Young deers, young lambs, fish taken from osprey and dead animals were also listed (dead could be more dangerous because of the disease factor - I don't know if we want to make the game that complicated in fighting diseases).

Sleep / Hunt Cycles:

Eagles stay in there nest at night and hunt in the day. For this simulation, chances to catch food will greatly increase in the day time. In times when food is desperate, it might be worth getting less sleep and hunting more at the night. Although less sleep will decrease hunting ability, it may or may not be worth it.

Nest / Mating:

Eagles make one nest called an eyrie (AIR - ee) and they build on it year after year. An eagle finds a mate once and keeps the mate year after year (if the mate dies, it tries to find another one). I don't know how common it is for an eagle to have to fight / intimidate another eagle for a mate. It would be nice to have this researched.


Bald Eagles lay there eggs in Sept or Oct (at least in Florida) - I don't know if we are going to implement seasons into the game. They usually lay two eggs and it is unusual for both to survive. Eagles take turns in guarding the nest and hunting. After the eggs hatch it will be a lot harder to supply all of the food that is needed. Especially considering that one eagle will have to be guarding the nest at all times (at least the eggs will be at more risk - but this may be necessary if food is running low). If the eagle doesn't eat enough it will loose muscles and it will be harder to catch food. If the offspring don't eat enough they start dying.

Reproductive Timeline:

I don't know how long it takes for the eggs to be laid. Eggs take 40 days to hatch. Eaglets will leave the nest at 12 weeks age but they will stay near the nest until they can hunt well (several months).