The Soar Project


Project Status: Inactive

The purpose of the Soar project is to help newcomers start to participate in WorldForge and learn some C++ in the process. Soar will be a simple, text based eagle simulator. The objective of the game is to have a brood of hatchlings fly off on their own. The first version will not use a server, but later more complicated versions could be made. A C++ tutorial is also being made as a side product of Soar.


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The meetings used to be held weekly at Fridays, 19GMT, on #soar at But there are no longer any meetings. If you still need help with converting the local time to GMT, check out the Schedule section.

Pages of interest:

IRC Channel

#soar at is the official IRC channel for the Soar project. If you are interested in this project drop by!

Mailing lists

Ideally the Soar project will make use of three mailing lists.

Subscription information can be found at the communication tools page.

If you think that another mailing list is needed announce it at and add it to this section.

News just in: One of the suggestions from the previous meeting was a list of one-person newbie projects, to help people get involved. Until we find somewhere better, the project list is here , and a list of mentors, where people on the projects can get help, is here .