June 21, 2001:
Edited and updated the History. Hopefully it's now more legible and less ... ugh.

June 17, 2001:
Added A Document on Syllus' Economy.

June 6, 2001:
Added The Destroyers and The Moaning Pillars, two new supernatural threats which grow over the course of the game, to the Entities section. Also posted revised script in place of the older version Here. Enjoy.

May 18, 2001:
Added Entities Section. This section will contain a rundown of the things in the desert besides the PC tribe in general. It will focus more on types and systems than specific so, for example, there might be one section on common animals and how they reproduce rather than a separate section for each animal. No info there yet, but expect some soon.

Added Undead Legions To entities section.

May 11, 2001:
Posted Denizens of the Desert, a document that details a few noteworthy inhabitants of the Syllus region.

Changed formatting of all supplemental docs, save the script, to improve legibility.

May 7, 2001:
Posted script for projected comic here.

May 6, 2001:
Finished Diagram of a Nomad document. This is more of a gameplay oriented doc than the rest, and is more down to the nitty gritty of how an individual nomad functions in society. Also reposted the History of the sands, which had been in the page prior to my taking over coordinatorship and which I had written back when I was on the project a long time ago.
The Comic Script for Sands of Syllus should be finished by the end of today and the process will get rolling very soon. Stay tuned for details.