Sands of Syllus is a multiplayer, online, persistent world game set in the sparse and sandy waste lands of the Desert of Tyr. In Syllus, each player is given control of a small bands of nomadic tribesmen. The nomads of Tyr are intelligent peoples, and have a long history dating back to the civilizations that once flourished in the now dead land. Though there are still a few cities and town in the desert, most of the energy that was once devoted to the building of great palaces, to the advancing of human knowledge, is directed inward, to the simple path of the self and the community, and most often it takes the direction of simple survival.

Sands of Syllus is a game about distinct individuals attempting to live their lives and develop themselves within the structure of their family and community, without whom they could not survive. Every nomad in a player’s particular tribe has his or her own personality, built both by heritage and by the forge of life experience. Individuals that start to socialize at an early age will become more sociable. A child who has severe illness and is quarantined from all but his parents will often develop inward, building his own inner life and personal power, but at the expense of social skills and sometimes even sanity. And, of course, there is the ever present drive of survival. A nomad who does not eat an at least passably balanced diet will begin to feel the effects of malnutrition. If there is not enough calcium in the diet of a tribe, the old will become less useful for carrying and in combat as their bones snap and refuse to heal.

Sands of Syllus is, above all, about the characters living in a real world, where they must bend to their environment in both its natural and social components, or else choose to walk outside it, and suffer the consequences. Some stars flare brightest just before they die.