The Story

You are Levbolne's best chef. Unfortunately, you are stuck with Levbolne's second best kitchen. The best kitchen is, of course, in the king's palace. Alas, that's also where Levbolne's second best chef is. So in order to get where you belong, you have to prove you simply are the best. You have to prepare the best menus for guests and your local duke and become really famous. Eventually, the king will decide you're the best and hire you. Or so you hope.

The Game

The game will use a neural network to decide if a dish was good or not. We'll try to keep our code as nice and well organized as possible, so newbies can understand what we did and why. This enables us to add new reciepes and ingredients quickly, so players can design dishes while cooking. It works in Real Life(tm), so why not. Later we'll want to add some options to share recipes with other players, but first things first.

Game Design Documents
Code Design Documents


The main reason to do this game is to get a step by step documentation on how to design a game. Also, if we have a good mechanism to make decisions based on taste, we could get our code into Worldforge development, thus helping to conquer the make it an even better platform for games. Last but not least, we do it to learn/improve our C++ skills and to have lots of fun.

So, if you're interested, join the cpptraining list and say hello.

Here, you can find more informations about Pyfeast, the proof it really works..

The Pyfeast manual is availabe, too.