WorldForge Game Ideas

Acid Tempest [idea]

Create a new world order in the year 2001. Globalize the Corporate Economy, and and Enforce Discipline and Morals on the unruly drug-crazed anarchists. What, you disagree? Whatcha gonna do, protest?

Belchfire [idea]

A persistant plot-driven game world.

Catacombs [idea]

Basic adventure/dungeon crawl. Extensive underground labyrinth, lots of traps, treasures, & monsters. Basic spells, death/undeath, high density game play.

Endarchy [idea]

The year is 2242 and the end of the New Dark Age is finally at hand. We have just discovered that we are not alone in the universe, and are itching to explore, trade, and expand Earth's influence. But first we must rebuild and reunite our ravaged planet...



Soar [inactive] (some pages left to move from the old site)

A text based eagle simulation project intended to help teach C++.