Old WorldForge Games

Archipelago The alternative to the standard medieval/dungeon setting for a game. Archipelago is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game set in a flooded world where settlers, pirates, naval combat and sea creatures are everyday and survival is not.
Sands of Syllus Nomadic tribes that cross the Desert of Tyr to trade and war with others is the setting for this game. Sands is aimed at providing a showcase for the WorldForge 2D media team and also as a platform for AI scripting and admin/world building clients.
Catacombs Basic adventure/dungeon crawl set in an extensive underground labyrinth with lots of traps, treasures and monsters.
Belchfire The eventual goal of WorldForge is a distributed, scalable, massively multiplayer online RPG set in a cavern-riddled rift valley in the Nation of Cambria in the world of Dural.
Acid Tempest Create a new world in the near future, globalize the corporate economy and enforce discipline and morals on the unruly, drug-crazed anarchists. What, you disagree? Whatcha gonna do? Protest?
King's Feast The primary purpose of King's Feast is as the place where new coders can learn/improve their C++ skills. The source for King's Feast is very modular and well documented so as to provide a platform for new coders. Right now, work is done on a proof of concept implementation in python.
Valor's End A single-player adventure game in the tradition of the classic Quest for Glory game developed with Java and Perl.
Werewolf Werewolf is a dangerous role playing game set in an idyllic town with a dark history. Long ago, war raged between the natural world and the technologists, and now the magic of the natural world has ebbed allowing technology to control. But, magic still remains and has returned...