Belchfire is WorldForge's long range objective.

With Belchfire, the team is setting its sights a little higher than simply creating a graphical MUD. We are bashing down many of the assumptions that have been with MUDs since the start, and attempting to find innovative solutions to many of the problems that have been inherent in multiplayer fantasy roleplaying games, and produce a system that is focused on playability. To this end, we hope to enhance interaction with non-player characters, develop tools to help create interesting, varied plots, allow players to take a larger role in the development and enhancement of the game world, and in general design to permit administrators to easily customize the system (and its rule set) to suit them.

You can find an email brainstorming some ideas on how to make a game that creates its own adventures here.

Random essays and ideas that we hope to incorporate into Belchfire: