From beneath the firey fog laid atop the Desert of Tyr, the thunderclouds of war threaten the land known as Cambria. Even just one month ago, did the Council T-Nor convene in the great ancient Morall of Caer Jassad, to call for the Ard Rohorg, to rescue the land from this menace of war. The fanatic Shalkrin to the East have ceased relations, orc raids from the north and south reveal unchecked aggression, and unknown threat arise from the many other jealous nations resting against Cambria's borders.

The rains have fallen steadily on the land the last three years, bringing to Cambria many fruits. Yet fortune has not smiled as brightly upon the other inhabitants of Dural, bringing instead flood to some, drought and famine to others. From the south raid the Gnarpa, hunger-maddened wolves raised by orcs of the Dark Vale. From the necropoli of the deepest reaches of the desert, the mummified Priest-Kings of Syllus have sent their skeletal minions to bring terror and despair. And from the muddy Nardonar River have risen waves of hungry Lakos, giant crustaceans, whom some say have been summoned out of the mud flats by the Arch-Priest of the Shalkrin, to restore balance upset by the successful Cambridgers.

With the opportunities to trade with the Shalkrin goldmines shut off and fearing imminent orc invasion; the Ard Rohorg has commissioned the restoration of the lost desert trade routes through the Dunes of Syllus, to Tumuljen and beyond. In the borderland village of Agrilan, in the shade of the rich oak groves of the Haretone Forest, young men and women endeavor to raise and fatten pigs, to provide the salted meats needed by the soldiers preparing for battle. In their workshops, the masons invent clever traps and fortified outposts, and the caravan merchants transfer preserved goods to the famine-struck nations of the deep desert, to exchange for the goods of their massive iron forges.

Swinesherd, by pegasus"Acorn" is the second in a series of games created as part of the WorldForge bootstrapping endeavour, aimed at creating an engine for massively multiplayer online games. The previous demo featured skeletons moving across crude maps, Acorn builds on this by incorporating the following features:

  • Python scripted, event-driven rule system
  • Client/server architecture using the Atlas Protocol System
  • Goal-motivated artificial intelligence
  • Herding behavior and nutrient-based growth simulation
  • Sound detection and automated reaction
  • Richer collection of artwork, sound effects, and music
  • This release contains these new features:

  • New larger map, with elevated terrain. Lots of new graphics.
  • Server side collision detection and buildings handled.
  • Massive performance improvements.
  • New population of village characters.
  • New user interface.
  • Automatic detection of running servers using metaserver.