Original Battleplan

Milestone 1: Completion of Preliminary Design (Target: Oct 11, 1999)
Concept definition - Explain concepts behind the game [DONE]
Concept review - Gather input from other developers on idea and feasibility [DONE]
Documentation infrastructure - Setup webpages [DONE]
Coding infrastructure - Identify where code will reside [DONE]
Data infrastructure - Identify where world data will reside [DONE]
Determine which server(s) to focus on [DONE]
Determine which client(s) to focus on [DONE]
Identify all Atlas commands required for Acorn.
Implement all Atlas commands identified in Milestone 1

Milestone 2: Delivery of Detailed Design Specification (Target: Mid October)
Fully document rule system to be implemented
Create mostly comprehensive required art list
Generate mostly comprehensive list of required Atlas commands

Milestone 3: Implementation of Functional Requirements (Target: Novemberish)
Create all graphics identified in Milestone 2
Entity object hierarchy is able to handle all game objects
Entities in the world can be loaded and stored to a file[DONE]
Entities can pick up or give out coins and meat[DONE]
Atlas-based network communications implemented and functional[DONE]
Player accounts can be created, passwords checked, and access permissions tracked.
Collision detection and resolution works to prevent incorrect movements, as well as permitting activation of other functionality.
Write scripts for server to control the various critters and butcher and pig seller, to work as described above. They need to be able to respond to commands said in the chat channel, conduct limited pathfinding, and seek food.
Add capability for collisions to cause noise (written in the chat channel).
Create a scoring system in the server to track the score and keep track of the time until someone hits 100 points. And keep track of who the top ten players are.

Milestone 4: Delivery of Alpha Product for Testing (Target: Novemberish)

Milestone 5: Test Review Report (Target: Decemberish)

Milestone 6: Delivery of Beta Product for Playtesting (Target: TBR)

Milestone 7: Playtest Report (Target: TBR)

Milestone 8: Delivery of Final Product (Target: TBR)